Nice to meet you, I’m Josi.

In 2010 I moved across the world into a little 200 sq ft apartment in northern China. I had no understanding of how a kitchen works. I was forced to either live on take-out, live on steamed vegetables, or learn how to do something in the kitchen.

Youtube was not a big thing then, but the internet was definitely in full swing. I remember searching for ideas of things to cook and then making it 10 times that month because I figured out something new. Soon my neighbors were making the same food.

Learning to cook with the available ingredients pushed me to learn to improvise and try new things. There were several takeaways from my four years there; apple cake is always a good idea, the world needs more garlic, and I still can’t cook rice to save my life.

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What Led Me to a Low Carb Lifestyle

Fast forward to 2017 when a friend asked for low carb food to be brought as she recovered from giving birth. I thought “Low carb? The heck? What does that even mean and .. seriously.. What?”. At the same time, I was struggling with my weight, thinking that the “organic” food choices I was making were healthy and that was that.

Whether you are exploring a low carb lifestyle, are already cooking low carb meals, or you have no idea what a carb is, I want to welcome each of you. I hope in some way to serve you as you are on your journey.

The truth is, I am not against all carbs. I am someone who enjoys food and I firmly believe that moderation is key. I also believe that it is important to learn about what is fueling your body and learning to make the best choices that work for you. Between my husband and I, we’ve lost 90 lbs by changing the way we consume carbohydrates. Most of the recipes on YGD serve the low carb and ketogenic community. If you’re a Trim Healthy Mama, you’ll also occasionally find some slow-carb meals here too. My aim is to provide you with lower-carb alternatives to the common carb-saturated diet.

In no way am I a professional, or someone who has a degree in nutrition. I am just a wife and mama who loves to learn and inspire others to make delicious food. If you have medical questions regarding whether or not a low carb lifestyle would be wise for you, please consult with your physician.

For inquiries, collaborations, or to work with me – please email hello (at) yellowglassdish (dot) com

About the Watercolor Art on YGD

I almost forgot. If you see watercolor art on Yellow Glass Dish (YGD), I make that too. As a creative, I want to continue to challenge myself in various areas and share it with you! Now, I make illustrations of food for YGD and from time to time I send out a free printable with my email update. The signup is below!

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