Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide
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In this holiday gift guide, you’ll find kitchen tools for the cooks in your life, low carb and keto gifts, gifts for coffee lovers as well as stocking stuffers. These gifts are accessible through online shopping.

As a bonus, there are some ideas for DIY gifts you can make! (These gifts require some extra love and aren’t simply bought online 😉 ).

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Kitchen Tools Holiday Gift Guide

Gift guide for cooks and people who are in the kitchen - Instant Pot and accessories, Vitamix, Dutch Oven, Pyrex, Mason Jars, Stainless steel pot set, Kitchen-aid hand mixer, chain scrubber for cast iron pans, XL toaster oven, and a cast iron skillet

($) Under $25 | ($$) $25-$75 | ($$$) Over $75

1. 8qt Instant Pot | 6qt Instant Pot – Even with a small family, the 8qt is my favorite size! ($$$)
2. 8qt Instant Pot Accessories | 6qt Instant Pot Accessories – Useful tools for Instant Pot users and the set includes a lid! ($$)

3. Vitamix – A high powered blender that is made to last! ($$$)
4. Enameled Dutch Oven – A 6qt heavy pot that has so many uses, not limited to soups! ($$)
5. Pyrex bakeware – These are the most versatile sizes, 8×8″ + 9×13″ and come with two bonus containers! ($)
6. Cuisinart Stainless Pot Set – The most basic set but all you’ll need for decades of successful cooking. ($$$)

7. Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer – One of the most useful kitchen tools at an affordable price. ($$)
8. Chain Scrubber – These are useful for cleaning cast iron, glassware, pots and pans and basically anything. They’re non-abrasive and my kitchen will never go without this tool! ($)
9. Mason Jars – 1 1/2 pint wide mouth Ball Jars are the most versatile size! ($)
10. XL Toaster Oven – Make entire meals with this tool without heating up the whole house oven! ($$$)
11. Enameled cast iron pan – Cast iron frying pans are almost all you need when stovetop cooking, these can also be safely used in the oven. ($$)

Keto & Low Carb Gifts

A gift guide of gifts for people eating a keto lifestyle - Monkfruit sweetener, Lily's chocoalte, Keto cookies, Keto Cookbook, Water flavoring, Chomps meat sticks, Almond flour, Coconut Butter, Smart Sweets keto candies

($) Under $25 | ($$) $25-$75 | ($$$) Over $75

1. Low Carb Chocolate Bars – Lily’s Chocolate Bars are totally keto-friendly! ($)
2. Monkfruit Sweetener – a 3lb bag that will last a long time! This is the best low carb and keto sweetener! ($)
3. Keto Cookies – High Key Keto Mini Cookies are a popular snack among the low carb and keto community. ($)
4. Easy Keto Cookbook – A cookbook for those who are looking for ways to build their cooking skills while enjoying a low carb lifestyle. ($)
5. Almond Butter Packs – These almond butter packets are great for on the go snacks! ($)
6. Stur Water Flavorings – Zero sugar water enhancer in a variety pack. ($)
7. Almond Flour – A common ingredient in low carb and keto baking! ($)
8. Keto Chocolate Chips – These Lily’s chocolate chips are perfect for Keto baking and snacking! ($)
9. Meat Sticks – Meat sticks that have zero added sugar, are gluten-free and made with grass-fed beef. ($)
10. Coconut Butter – An awesome single ingredient coconut butter that is a great base for spreads and dips! ($)
11. Keto Gummy Candy – Smart Sweets are made with keto and low carb ingredients. ($)

Gifts for Coffee Lovers – Holiday Gift Guide

A gift guide for coffee lovers with a Keurig, Ninja Coffee Maker, French Press, Aerolatte Milk Frother, Aeropress, Contigo coffee tumbler, Stovetop espresso, and Dark Roast, Medium Roast, and decaf coffee

($) Under $25 | ($$) $25-$75 | ($$$) Over $75

1. Medium Roast Coffee – Bulletproof Medium Roast Coffee ($)
2. Travel Mug – 20oz Contigo Snap Seal – Fits in cup holders! ($)
3. Ninja Coffee Maker – For your people who love fancy coffee. ($$$)
4. Aerolatte – Awesome milk frother for making lattes and cappuccino right at home! ($)

5. Stovetop Espresso Maker – Make strong espresso right on the stove! ($)
6. Decaf Coffee – No Fun Jo Decaf ($)
7. Dark Roast Coffee – Kicking Horse Dark Roast ($)
8. Keurig Mini – Easy mini coffee maker! ($$$)
9. Aeropress – Quick and easy way to make coffee or espresso that is not bitter! This is great to take on the go or for traveling! ($$)
10. French Press – An easy way to make a few servings of coffee without an electric unit. ($)

Stocking Stuffers For Low Carb & Keto Cooks

Stocking stuffers for people enjoying a low carb lifestyle and who also enjoy cooking

($) Under $25 | ($$) $25-$75 | ($$$) Over $75

1. Monkfruit Sweetener On-the-go Packets – (The Best) Low carb sweetener in 30 small packets. ($)
2. Ceramic Mug – a gorgeous mug for cozy mornings. ($)
3. Meat Thermometer – A must-have for all cooks! ($)

4. Tea – A wonderful way to have a hug in cup. This Celestial Seasonings tea has a variety of flavors that are all awesome. ($)
5. Silicone Spatulas – These are totally covered in silicone, no more dealing with spatulas coming apart! ($)
6. Coconut Chips – A delicious low carb and keto snack that is sugar-free but has a nice crunch! ($)
7. Garlic Press – one of those things every kitchen needs! ($)

DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you like to make your own gifts? I’ve got a few ideas for gifts for the keto people in your life.

Gift for Tea lovers

Gift bundle for making Sugar-free Russian Tea or Friendship orange spice tea

You could bundle some tea bags with some spices and a sachet of low carb sweetener + cloves for a Russian Tea gift. Pair this with a mug for a the tea lovers in your life.

Share A Tray of Cookies

Keto Christmas Cookie recipes that are perfect for this holiday season #ketocookies #lowcarb #ketochristmas #glutenfree #lowcarbholiday

You could make a few different varieties of keto cookies and plate them up as a lovely gift!

Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate Mix

Low carb hot chocolate mix

You could make some Dairy-free hot chocolate mix to share with your friends 🙂 Put it in a cute jar and tie a bow on it. You could give it along with a mug or coffee tumbler.

Thanks For Visiting!

I hope some of these holiday gift guide ideas will serve you well as plan your holiday shopping. Choosing gifts is a fun thing, but making sure they’re made with quality is very important to me. While I don’t own everything on this list, I’ve made sure to check reviews to provide you qith quality options.

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