Latte Letters 002

Latte Letters 002

August is coming to a screeching halt. September promises to be a busy month. What is it that you’re up to these days? I hope that you’re finding joy in your journey, whatever it may be. Grab a latte (or a cup of coffee) as we enjoy our time together.

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What I’ve loved this month

This month the chaffle became super popular. In our home, we’ve been creating chaffles in all of the ways our hearts desire. My husband has been making PB + Whipped cream + Berries as his general favorite. The peanut butter jar is half gone and usually, it takes me to get through a jar of PB. Also. Praise God for Costco cheese prices. We are burning through it. But also huge praise, my toddler loves chaffles. I’m happy she’s getting her protein and fats in! Win. Win.

Ibotta was exciting this month. My beloved grocery rebate app gave big bonuses if you redeemed a bunch of rebates, so yes, I made sure I fulfilled the requirements to get bonuses. In the past 2 years, I’ve gotten $1,800 back in rebates and bonuses. If you’re not using Ibotta yet, it is seriously a huge way our family saves money each month!

Also, this month, one of my readers sent me a pound of coffee from their small family roaster. It is incredible and I’ve been enjoying her generosity as I sip my cup of daily coffee! Thanks, Barbara!

Connect with that family of yours!

My family is spread across the globe. Literally. This month my one sister who lives in South Korea visited Japan and Singapore. I drooled as she sent updates of her food adventures in Singapore. My little Sis in Taiwan just wrote to share that a typhoon is headed her way and she’s going to ride her scooter to a wedding, risking getting stuck in the typhoon. Cool, sis, cool.

I LOVE that my family connects with a great big group chat. Does your family do something like that? I learned something new this month. I never knew that my Grandma’s birthday was in August. This week, my dad shared with us some details about my grandma that I never knew. She met my grandpa at a corn husking bee. Did you even know that is a thing? Apparently, it was back in the day in Western Pennsylvania! (My guess is, a husking bee is a competition for husking corn…). That grandma died when I was 2, so I have zero memories of her. I feel closer to my family and my roots when my dad shares stories about his family!

I know some of you may come from extremely dysfunctional families. I’m not ignorant of that fact. I really hope that you have some people in your life that you connect with regularly, whether blood family or friend family. I’ve got both and am grateful for human connection (which is generally done via technology because of the miles that separate us).

Ups and Downs

People talk about mental health a lot. I don’t. I don’t tend to think much about mental health but if I’m being honest, August wasn’t super pretty.

My heart battles a lot. Dwelling on lies and the things that aren’t great took up a bunch of my mental space this month. My heart needs to be dwelling on truth. The truth of my identity in Christ and truth about the bigger picture in life, that being eternity.

So many of the things that wear at my soul are temporary. The worries and frustrations are like little robbers, chipping away at my joy. Ugh. Yet, that is honestly where I’ve been. I don’t have anything profound to say. It’s been a struggle and I’m grateful that I’m not alone in this journey of life.

Blog Progress

I’m coming to the end of my 5th month of blogging. I’ve published 58 recipes and am proud that I’ve consistently posted twice a week since I began. I feel like every month I am learning about how LITTLE I know and how much there is to learn. It is a motivation for me to continue to press on.

I would love to do a blogger income report, but in all honesty, my blogger income is maybe a few cents or bucks from ads and a few bucks ($1.45) from amazon affiliates. Nothing major. Nothing that sustains the cost of running the blog!

This month, I created a Patreon account to provide my readers with the ability to support the work of Yellow Glass Dish if they wanted to! Patreon is a website that helps creatives in their journey of creating content!

Become a Patron!

In the last month, I’ve had nearly 6,000 sessions on my website which is pretty exciting! For most bloggers, that seems like a small, worthless number. Yet to me, this is significant. This means that over 5,000 people have clicked on my website or have searched out the content on YGD!

I am currently taking a course to make my website more google friendly. I’ve also been building connections with some bloggers which is fun because we’re all in this journey together. There is a lot of comradery in the food blog community.

I’ll Close With This

One of my favorite parenting moments to date happened today. My toddler has been enjoying coconut flakes as a snack, they get messy though and I needed to create something that they would stick to. So, I developed a peanut butter cheesecake bite with coconut flakes inside and outside. Yep. The things we do for children! Well, turns out the bites were super good, so I will be posting that recipe sometime soon!

After photographing my second batch of these cheesecake bites, my girl was eating one and my husband asked her to share with him. She stuffed the whole bite into her mouth. Stuck her fingers in her mouth and pinched off a tiny bit then offered that to her daddy. We laughed so hard. She is her mother’s daughter through and through. A big NOPE to sharing good food!

Alright, that is all for today.
I hope you have a lovely day,

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