Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Chicken
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Here is why you should buy a rotisserie chicken today

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Nearly every time I step foot into Costco there is something you can BET I’ll be leaving the store with. It’s not a giant teddy or a new grill or a new book, though each of those are tempting.

It is their $5 Rotisserie chicken.


How? I don’t even know. It’s often cheaper than buying the raw chicken. It takes the guess-work out of “is the chicken fully cooked??” game and you can see that it is fresh. Sometimes I’ll circle the store if I can see that a new batch is going to be ready soon.

I will be honest, I do question rotisserie chickens in grocery stores if I cannot know for sure when they were made. But I’ve also not had many instances when I’ve needed to ask or question, because Costco is my go-to for Rotisserie Chickens.

After speaking with the Costco employee about their temping practices, they said that they err on the side of caution and temp the chicken breast to 183° and the thighs to 173°. Those are the little facts that are worth knowing. They told me that customers say they bake them for an extra few minutes just to be on the safe side ( I had never heard of that!). You don’t need to.

How much meat is on the bones?

Rotisserie chickens vary greatly, so it is difficult to give a dogmatic answer. On my most recent trip to Costco, the chicken I got had 2 lbs of cooked meat on the bones.

Rotisserie Chicken Ideas!

I’m sure the list is endless but I think this post is pretty clear about one thing– I LOVE ROTISSERIE CHICKENS.


Whether its hot and fresh, or you’ve saved the meat– this makes for a great protein for salad.

Roasted cauliflower and chicken salad with fresh veggies

Meat for dinner

If we’re using a rotisserie chicken for dinner, we simply slice off what we want. For those who want breast meat- have at it, for thighs, totally an option! Pair this with some roasted broccoli or some roasted cabbage and bam! You’ve got dinner.

Fool your guests

You bring that chicken home, plate it on a beautiful platter and wow your dinner guests.

Rotisserie Chickens and why you should buy them at Costco

Grill it

Hear me out. Sometimes grilled chicken is the absolute worst. Mostly because it’s overcooked and becomes like rubber. So, pro tip! Cut off pieces of rotisserie chicken, throw it on the grill and add your favorite sauce if you’re into that. Not only have you taken the guesswork out of cooking times, but you can also quickly add some char and call it good.

Bones for chicken stock.

Chicken bone stock made in Instant Pot

Meat for soup!

If you’ve consumed what you want for your meal and there is still meat on the bones, save it! I find it to be easiest to pull off while still warm. We use rotisserie meat for so many things but soup is probably my favorite use! If I know I won’t use it right away, I will freeze it and pull it out at the perfect time. Give this Chicken Cabbage Soup a try!

Meal prep!

You can easily put together meals (like I’ve listed above) and make several at a time. Whether you‘re individually meal prepping, or prepping for several people, rotisserie chicken makes it easy to portion your protein. 

Freeze it whole

A friend of mine has 6 children and makes one trip a month to Sam’s club. She buys 5 rotisserie chickens on that trip ($4.95 each), eats one that day, then serves them in her meal rotations during the remainder of the month. To freeze them whole, wrap the chicken in foil, then add a layer of saran wrap, or place it in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag if it fits. Alternatively, you can pull the meat off the bones and freeze them separately (mentioned elsewhere in this post).

Tell Me About It!

If you’re not already buying rotisserie chickens, you might want to reconsider. Do you shop at Costco only once a month? Pick up a few and freeze the meat and bones (separately). Perhaps you don’t have Costco near you, do you buy rotisserie chicken at your favorite grocery store? Tell me about it! I’d love to know if there are other good sources (like Costco).

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